A Hitchhiker's experience in Albania!

Amazing writer telling an amazing story! One of the few people to hitch through Albania, an engaging experience!

Walkin’ Bosses - Everything Goes (album)

Shoutout to plants-planets-dirtpoets.tumblr.com for introducing me to this awesome folk band, free downloads! Shoutout to his sister for being a member!


Fandoms make me want to THROW UP.

Let’s see how many followers I lose.


plants-planets-dirtpoets - future travel buddy and all-around cool beat guy.

hiroshimalated & thedisposablelover - my favorite communist hobo couple I know!

randyhaddock - one of my favorite musicians, nice guy too.

gumshrines - cool moniker artist and artist in general!

brokenfractals - Super nice guy cool travel blog also somehow reblogs/favorites my stuff I posted months beforehand?? Forever a mystery.

susiecues9 - one of the first blogs I followed, Albuquerque Acolyte, Freight Trainee, cool gal.

japhyr - great quotes and pics, I like this guy. Another old-timer.

lonesomeboysclub - one of the great untold night-time freightyard heroes of our generation.

And everyone else too.