For all my talk of wanderlust

I am still a middle class weak pseudo-intellectual sad boy fraid to ride alone! 


maybe I was completely unprepared for this trip, no matter how many books I’ve read or travelers I’ve gossiped with. 

After only four days of being down and out I used my “get out of jail” card and had some nearby relatives pick me up - I’ve been staying with them for a couple of days now doing chores, hanging with cousins.

My first few days “on the road” (limited to Eugene, OR and its suburbs) tought me a valuable lesson about my psyche - I’m absolutely vulnerable alone - both psychologically and physically. There are some really messed up people out there and sometimes the good ones don’t get to you fast enough to help. I camped and tramped alone and afraid…

But I’m getting ready for a second try, and I’m not going to quit. Tomorrow I go up to Vancouver to camp in a friend’s backyard for a few days, then I’ll hit the streets of Portland, for better or worse, and try to locate a companion who’s not going to stab me with knife or needle. My middle class, sheltered butt has a lot to learn but I’ll get there, one way or another!

Hot Boys Never Die!

Homeless Life - Day 3

Day 1 spent hitting the freights with and his buddy (forgot ur tumblr) and coaltrain. m-v-k was kind enough to let me sleep on his floor, watch some adventure time, and eat some chocolate chip pancakes.

Day 2 went back to the freights but nothing had changed on the siding, so we ran a few errands, I acquired some nasty foot blisters and a less-nasty sunburn, and I camped the night in a park shown to me by m-v-k in a bed of straw. Didn’t sleep much despite my sleeping pills but read some Steinbeck, sipped some tea.

Day 3 got the bus to downtown Eugene. Haven’t met any travelers yet. Have been on a wild goose chase to find a cheap thrift store bike - limping badly from blistered feet, but feel elated! Maybe the honeymoon phase hasn’t worn off yet. :)

May head to Portland soon, or find a place to camp with Eugene, especially if I can meet some travelers that won’t try to kill me and sell my organs to buy meth. We shall see.




From these 2 days seeing coaltrain, I realized, it’s kinda fucked. This guy is out here every night Livin on the streets and being moniker famous and all, yet he doesn’t get anything for it. I told him that there hundreds if not thousands of people online who are posting his stuff and it blew his mind.
Wish I could help him out. Maybe I’m just being sappy but idk seems kinda ferked.