From these 2 days seeing coaltrain, I realized, it’s kinda fucked. This guy is out here every night Livin on the streets and being moniker famous and all, yet he doesn’t get anything for it. I told him that there hundreds if not thousands of people online who are posting his stuff and it blew his mind.
Wish I could help him out. Maybe I’m just being sappy but idk seems kinda ferked.

Hitting the Road

Hey! I’m gonna hit the road tomorrow, starting in Eugene, OR. Gonna bum around until I find a suitable traveling companion, then start tramping the Road to Anywhere!

I have a good feeling about the whole thing, I’m shedding my apprehensions, I’m bound for glory! 

Yer all near and dear to me and it’s cool that y’all like what I do. Keeps me goin’ sometimes as superficial as that sounds. 

Won’t have a smartphone or an internet device for a while it looks like, so this may be the last post in a while! I’ll keep you kids posted though when I get a chance.

Take it easy, but take it!