I just want

to find a place where people live consciously and respect each other. I haven’t seen that at all in the traveling scene - the large majority of the kids I meet are some combination vicious, insane, selfish, drugged out… there are a few purehearts I’ve come across, but they’re rare gems in muddy waters!

I am hitching up the 101 right now but I have a vague plan to go up North to Oregon if I can’t find work here in NorCal and then backtrack down the 5 to Ashland and Mt. Shasta.

'Till then I wish all of you purehearts the best. Live consciously, have respect, have solidarity!

On the Road Again

Left the hectic mess & city sprawl of the bay area for the North to find my fortune! This is my third day hitching and I’ve made it up to Garberville in Northern California. Some really kind people housed, showered, fed me in Santa Rosa, and I’ve only had good rides.

Travelling alone is rewarding - I’ve gone from spending $10-20 a day in The City to $0-$10. I have less distraction from accomplish…ing anything I please and a lot of time for internal dialogue. It’s giving me time to digest my current and past circumstances and make sense of the greater picture.

I’m staying the night in Garberville to pursue a lead on work out here (my travel funds are depleted), but if that doesn’t work out, I’m heading up North again - perhaps to Mt. Shasta, perhaps for the mountains and small towns of Western Oregon.

Currently in San Francisco, Oakland was beautiful and the community was inspiring and kind, but things didn’t work out as far as renting/working there for a while.

Headed up for Mt. Shasta to recover from this crazy stressful city life! Going to meditate, write and read, and meet some chill hippie folks up on the mountain. No road dog, gonna rideshare up hopefully.

Things are really good, I’m glad to be alive. I play the auto-harp now. Traded my mandolin for it to this cute hippie girl.

That’s about it! Keep it real folks and don’t sell out! 

Hobo link collection

RIP Fran DeLorenzo… thanks red neckerchiefs for submitting, I hadn’t thought about Fran and our talks for a while. I was seventeen and just getting into freights and hobo culture when I started shooting the shit with Fran. Awesome, genuine, kind guy, generous with info and advice even though I’m sure I was an angsty pest.

He caught the westbound Aug. 2013 a few days after his last email to me. :/


Just got here a few hours ago and already dig - saw a Ghost Owl and Old Crow piece within the first hour of rolling into town, and the graft here is amazing. Staying for a few days with a friend of a friend in a house here, and I really dig it here already. Might stick around for a while, there’s potential for me to get a job as an ice cream scooper…


Is not among my favorite States. Police swarm like biting flies and rednecks, druggies are rarely far away. The land is fertile but flat and provides little cover for stealth campers. Harassed by a certain officer Flood in Roseville and had to skip town, got stuck in downtown Sacramento overnight and slept in a church parking lot in homebumistan… Still, Mt Shasta was brilliant and Sanfran is treating me well thus far.


Hitched South from Portland starting about five days ago, got some amazing rides, met some amazing folks, saw some amazing stuff. Currently in San Francisco doing beatnik things, will be here for a week or two. Not sure what comes after this… North again to Shasta and Ashland? Back to Austin for a bit? I dunno.

No but I have a neckbeard and I’m ready to mingle. ;)